Saturday, April 17, 2010

Four tropical flavours of raw vegan Moon Pie!!

Despite being in Australia and so probably not being an official entrant, I couldn't resist participating in Heathy's Moonie Pie Challenge!! The moonie pies on Heathy's gorgeous blog looked so delicious and I just had to try them! So I downloaded the recipe and started un-cooking! The challenge is to make two changes to her moonie pie recipe and blog about it. The winner does a moonie pie swap with Heathy and the winning moonie pies are featured on her blog.

So what is a moonie pie, you ask?! A moonie pie is a raw version of the American 'moon pie' - a marshmallow sandwiched between two biscuits, covered in chocolate. For all the Aussie readers, think of something between a wagon wheel or mallowpuff biscuit. The raw version of the moon pie is basically a creamy coconut-cashew-vanilla filling sandwiched between two layers of raw cacao-date-walnut cake then dipped in raw dark chocolate! SOOOO YUMMY!

As usual I couldn't pick one flavour to experiment with, so I decided to try 4 different varieties of moonie pie: custard apple (a.k.a cherimoya), guava and raspberry, rose and pistachio, and tiramisu!

The guava and raspberry moonie pie is divine - the acidity of the raspberries perfectly offsets the sweetness of the chocolate and the guava adds a delicate perfume to the pie…

The custard apple adds a tang that is just to-die-for and is really well complemented by the vanilla filling!

The tiramisu flavour is perfectly suited to moonie pies - a hint of coffee and marsala wine!

And the rose and pistachio moonie pie reminds me of eating rahat lokum (Turkish delight) and pistachio baklava…. so yummy!

It is hard to pick a favourite, but I would have to say the guava and raspberry! Well, what did you expect, this blog is called guavablossom, isn't it?! ;)-

Here are the details of the changes I made to Heathy's recipe:

I couldn't find agave powder for the filling anywhere, so I had to adjust the coconut oil and lecithin quantities in the vanilla filling recipe. I increased the coconut oil to 1 cup and used 4Tbsp of lecithin instead of 2, and the filling set perfectly!

I split the recipe into 4, which turned out to be 170g of filling and about 240g chocolate cake for each variation. Here are the variations:

Custard apple (a.k.a Cherimoya) moonie pie - to 170g vanilla filling, add 80g deseeded custard apple. Mix lightly so that the bits are visible when you bite through the moonie pie.

Guava and raspberry moonie pie - blend 170g vanilla filling with 50g deseeded guava flesh and 50g raspberries. Once blended, add an additional 25g raspberries and mix very gently so that the raspberry bits are still visible.

Rose and pistachio moonie pie - blend 170g vanilla filling with 2tsp rose water. An optional addition for colour is to add a few raspberries or a hint of beetroot juice, though I just used the blender after the guava and raspberry moonies :) Instead of walnuts in the cake, use pistachios, and omit the cacao powder.

Tiramisu moonie pie - blend 170g vanilla filling with 2tsp of Marsala wine. Stir 1tsp espresso-ground coffee beans through 240g of the walnut chocolate cake.

And what to do with the left over chocolate topping? Pour into chocolate moulds!

And that's all for this post! Good luck to all the participants and to Heathy with the difficult decision of choosing a winner!


  1. AWESOME!!! What a taste sensation!! :)

  2. Those look amazing! I want to try them all!

  3. Good work! You'd win for sure if you were able to ship it. I've love to taste all of those!

  4. Fabulous. Oh, I wish guavas were more attainable and affordable here in Louisiana. My local Whole Foods market has them, but they are charging $3.00 for each small fruit. Not $3.00 a pound, each fruit! Out of my budget right now. Maybe I'll make it to Australia some day. Thanks for posting these.

  5. This recipe looks awesome and is gorgeous! I can't wait to try it, if only I could find all the ingredients locally :-)

    I have a question about those smooth and perfect looking chocolate hearts. What are your candy molds made of? I find that when I pour raw chocolate mixture into hard plastic molds, I can't get the candies out in one nice piece, even after freezing them. I can only get them out of the silicon rubber molds.

  6. Hi Nina,

    I LOVE the look of your moonie pies! I too downloaded Heathy's recipes to make at home but am yet to get around to doing it!

    No doubt you've been enjoying them ever since!

    Love the blog :)

  7. Thank you so much everyone for your kind kind words!

    Mindy - hearing you about fruit prices! Guava is not too expensive here, but berries are - I paid $8 for the raspberries I used in this recipe…. crazy, but worth it! ;)

    Sketchgrrl - I haven't put raw chocolate into moulds before, so maybe it's beginner's luck! :) I used thin clear plastic moulds from Roberts Confectionery Supplies ( They are a little bit flexible, not as much as silicone, and they popped out easily after being in the freezer for about an hour. I bet the trick is in Heathy's recipe - it is just cacao butter, agave, cacao powder, and a pinch of sea salt.... good luck!! :)

  8. wow all these moon pies looks great! YUM! Heathy is great! Great challenge!

  9. Hi Nina

    These moon pies must be mouth watering tasty! And so are the heart chocolates ;)

  10. Your unique moonie pies sounds wonderful! I really love it. Can I share it with my friends at Foodista? All you have to do this add foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, your blog will start appearing on my friends' accounts. Thanks.

    By the way, have you heard of International Food BLogger Conference? Last year, I heard it was great, so I'm thinking of attending this year.

  11. Hey Guavablossom,

    How do I get my hands on Heathy's moonie pie recipe? I'm dying to know it.

  12. The links to Heathy's blog in the first paragraph haven't been working for a while, so sorry! Thanks so much Meghan for bringing that to my attention!! I have fixed them now :)